Best places to party in Las Vegas

Las Vegas – The name that is so synonymous with a vibrant nightlife and the best parties in the world. We cannot dig deep because “whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” For every few meters, there is a place to party when it comes to Las Vegas. For the predominant population of the world, partying in Las Vegas is one in their bucket list. 

The local people and the ones who are constant visitors to Las Vegas will have a proper idea of where to go and what to do. But for the new ones they will have a lot of doubts. In this article, we will see some of the best places to party in Las Vegas!!

1. Jewel:


Jewel is the name of the club at the Aria Resort and Casino. There are names of places that do not even suit the place in any way, but Jewel, on the contrary, has all it takes to be called Jewel. It is not a surprise that this place raises the bar when it comes to being awesome because it managed by the Hakkasan Group, who also runs the Hakksan Night Club. If you have decided to be lavish for the night and empty your pockets, this is the place, and cash that you will be spending is worth the fun that you will be having.

2. One oAK:


If you read as such, it sounds like a very cool name, but the expansion is not that cool. So the expansion is “1 of a kind.” For such a cool place, it is a very dumb name. Irrespective of how dumb the name is, one o AK is an amazing place to party in Las Vegas. If you are a person who loves to dance and have a good time, this is the place for you. It has one of the biggest dance floors in the country. The place is filled with lots of energy, and having fun is one thing that can be assured. 

3. Drai’s: 


The thing about Drai is that people think that it is just one place. But the fact is that there are two places. One is Drai, and the other is Dari After Hours. Dari keep the space filled with enormous amounts of energy with the best DJs. When it comes to music, they nail it. It is not a surprise because they have managed to rope in some big names like Travis Scott, Future, and many for the sake of entertaining people. To all the EDM lovers out there, make sure that you drop in, and we can assure you that it will exceed the levels of your expectations. 

4. Hakkasan :


Hakkasan is MGM Grand. It would not be an understatement to say that Hakasan is the go-to name when it comes to partying name in Las Vegas. It is, without a doubt, the most popular club in Las Vegas. Some of the best DJ s of the world are dropped by the club. The names include Tiesto, Calvin Haris, Steve Aoki, and a lot more. The energy levels are always at the peak, and they manage to put a great show day in and day out. The word disappointment is not there in their dictionary. There are no words to describe how cool this place is. The awesomeness is way beyond levels of measurement.

5. Light: 


Light at Mandalay Bay is a hardcore party place that is known for some of the best booze that they serve. When it comes to having a great time, these guys are very serious about it. They redefine the world having fun. The one thing that this place has done with perfection is embracing the technology. The entire place looks like a sci-fi movie set. The visuals and the décor are out of the world. There are no second thoughts on the fact that the younger crowd will enjoy it to the core. 

6. Marquee:


Marquee at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is one of the biggest night clubs in Las Vegas. If there is something that is being offered by the Cosmopolitan, we can be sure that it will be nothing short of spectacular. Since we are talking about Marquee, it is high time that we need to clear the doubt. Marquee is not just one club; it is two. There is Boombox which kind of private space, and there is a library where the real noise happens. 

7. Omnia:


There is one name in las Vegas that is ruling the entire party scene, and that is Hakksan Group. Omani is yet another club in Las vegas from Hakkasan Group. Omnia was opened in the year 2015, and from then, there is no looking back. It is full-on party mode and the best of its kind. It looks like a huge spaceship. With their exceptional service, they have managed to give a tough fight to every other name in the business within a short span of time. Every day they provide the best entertainment, and it has always been one of a kind experience.

8. Tao:


The predominant population knows Tao as a restaurant. There is also a night club of 12000 square feet. The best part about Tao is the music scene. The EDM songs are great to hear, and they manage to bring some of the best DJs in the world. The place is one of the most prefered by the younger generation. If you are someone who loves to dance and have a good time, this is the place where you should be. Make sure to drop in at Tao restaurant and grab some of the most delicious bites while your partying like there is no tomorrow. It is better to prebook during the weekends or else the possibility of you getting in is very low.

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