Great American Foodie Fest

The Great American Foodie Fest comes back to Henderson in the parking garage at Sunset Station Casino. It highlights imaginative sustenance sellers and top nourishment trucks from around the country that have been included on a prevalent TV food show. Made in 2012, the Great American Foodie Fest has effectively ventured into different urban areas. It’ll return for second occasions in both Arizona and San Diego, and celebrated one year from now in Seattle and Portland, Oregon. Bringing fabulous sustenance, you can’t get in your city, to your city. “They’re foodies ourselves. They sit in front of the TV and see the sustenance trucks and merchants and even out-of-showcase eateries on Travel Channel and Food Network and figured how wonderful it would be on the off chance that we could assemble a celebration out of every one of those nourishment’s in a single neighborhood goal,”


Where is it happening?


Foodie Fest happens at the Sunset Station Casino, 1301 W. Dusk Road, in Henderson, Nevada. The occasion will incorporate jubilee rides, a larger greenhouse, and eating rivalries, just as a chance to share of sustenance of each conceivable assortment from more than fifty nourishment trucks. The merchants found at the Foodie Fest have been seen on Food Network, the Cooking Channel, and the Travel Channel. Upwards of fifty thousand have gone to in past years.



You may know the Foodie Fest as the occasion that originally carried White Castle to Vegas, presenting the acclaimed sliders to hungry celebration eaters before the restaurant network opened up shop on the Strip. Casimiro and his accomplices gained from that experience and extended their activities in another manner, going about as a hatchery for autonomous restaurant and nourishment trucks to test-showcase their ideas in new urban communities with the capability of working together to open a physical area. That is how Las Vegas got Island Time Floats, the pineapple and Dole Whip pastry shop with areas at Bally’s Grand Bazaar Shops and the Las Vegas South Premium Outlets. The Chinatown-region Fukuburger restaurant and the Foodie Fest group is presently dealing with another nearby Fuku spot—and on bringing California’s well known Jogasaki Sushi Burrito to Las Vegas in a changeless manner.


Getting to Foodie Fest is simple — and the best part is that the stopping is free! If you somehow happened to book a mentor transport or gathering transport with Metropolitan Shuttle, it’s not exactly 30 minutes from Las Vegas to the nourishment experience of a lifetime. A similar outing would be just five hours in cooling comfort from Los Angeles or barely four hours from Phoenix. Never reserved sanction transport? Metropolitan Shuttle is here to help. On the off chance that you have a goal and a gathering size as the main priority, you’re most of the way there as of now. Get a statement from the official site to come to the fest.



Out of the blue, as per a news discharge, the celebration, which will happen April 25-28 2019 in the parking garage of Sunset Station, will have free confirmation for the overall population. VIP encounters, be that as it may, will be accessible at an expense. The celebration is a gathering of many claims to fame sustenance merchants and gourmet nourishment trucks from all around the nation. It will likewise highlight live excitement, fair rides, expressions, and artworks sellers and different amusements. Incorporated into the 60 or more merchants booked for the celebration are those that have shown up on Food Network, Cooking Channel and Travel Channel.

Free admission:


Great American Foodie Fest is free entry and  free event The Great American Foodie Fest is usually happened in  Henderson (Las Vegas) Nevada on April 25th-28th, 2019 at Sunset Station Casino territory. The event was listed Top 10 Food Festivals in America by Telegraph Travel, Top 15 Food Festivals in the U.S and “Best of Las Vegas” by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The Great American Food Festival is one of the best uncommon and creative sustenance shippers, and top gourmet food events trucks from all around the country that has been noticeable events show up on the Food Network, Cooking Channel, Travel Channel, and other TV shows

The Great American Foodie Fest, which will include 50 nourishment merchants and 15 VIP sustenance trucks, will come back to Southern Nevada April 26-29 at Sunset Station, the gathering reported Monday. The occasion has been positioned as one of the main ten sustenance celebrations in the United States by the Telegraph Travel, and has been profiled on the Cooking Channel indicates “Festival Eats” and “Food Street” authorities said. It attracts 40,000 to 50,000 participants. Must visit this occasion once in your lifetime.

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